The juice from Hokkaido pumpkin

Hokkaido pumpkin is known for its excellent sweet taste and that's why it is perfectly suitable for making pumpkin Hokkaido juice. If you can cool it properly, it is very refreshing, especially in the hot summer days. The recipe for the Hokkaido pumpkin juice is simple, everyone can do it without help. Just get a pumpkin Hokkaido, the amount depends on for how many people you plan to prepare it. In our recipe we assume that you will entertain a lot of people, or you plan keep the juice for later.

  • 2.5 litres + 10 litres of water
  • 6 kg pumpkin Hokkaido
  • 1 kg of sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of citric acid
  • 4 centilitre lemon juice
  • 1 bottle of syrup

At the beginning peel the pumpkin Hokkaido, get rid of the seeds and cut pumpkin Hokkaido into cubes. Place these cubes from pumpkin Hokkaido in a bowl, pour 2.5 litres of water mixed with lemon juice, acid and let it for another 24 hours to rest. The following day put the pumpkin Hokkaido in the pot and simmers it. There is no need to take care about the time, Hokkaido pumpkin must be soft enough to be well liquidized (when it cools down).

To get the fluid without any pieces of Hokkaido pumpkin, use a sieve and strain the mixture. Boil remaining ten litres of water, mix it with our pumpkin mixture and a bottle of syrup and pour into prepared bottles. The juice of Hokkaido pumpkin can be sterilized, then it lasts about a year, if we do not sterilize it, we have to drink it in about one week.