Types of pumpkins

d_n__1Pumpkins become very popular in recent years and they also started to be very fashionable. There are several types and many of them are edible. Other pumpkins thanks to its bizarre shapes are used to decorate gardens, windows and interiors. Pumpkins are inherently connected with an American feast Halloween. Growing of all kinds of pumpkins is not difficult. You do not need any special knowledge to grow them. Pumpkins can be divided into two groups - edible and decorative. Both types are very diverse in shape and colour.

Edible kinds of pumpkins

First, we will deal with vegetable types. An edible pumpkin often has bright orange colouring of the flesh. This is due to lutein, which is very important for human sight. Pumpkin may have only a few centimetres, but the classic giant types can measure up to eight meters.

Gourd general

Most commonly cultivated species of pumpkins is gourd general. Its mature fruits weigh up to several tens of kilograms. It is suitable for cooking and compote.

Spaghetti squash

Probably the most delicious pumpkin is spaghetti squash. It has its name because of the shape of its flesh, which after cooking looks like spaghetti. This pumpkin is perfect for cooking, mainly because of its tasty flesh.

Pumpkin Hokkaido

Among the most delicate vegetable definitely belongs very popular pumpkin Hokkaido, which (as the name suggests) comes from the Japanese island Hokkaido. It has a sweet taste that is similar to potatoes or roasted chestnuts and it is one of the smallest grown pumpkins. It weights between 0.7 to 2.5 kilograms. The colour tends to have from yellow shades to deep orange, but sometimes it can also be whitish gray or dark green. Flesh is orange. Pumpkin Hokkaido is known mainly for its positive effects on human health. It has a lot of vitamins and minerals, it helps cure diseases of the heart, stomach, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and prostate. It is suitable for cream soups or sauces, it is also used as a substitute for unhealthy attachments. It is very good for conservation or preparing the compotes, marmalades or jams too.

Red and green Hokkaido

The most common type of pumpkin Hokkaido in our region is red Uchiki Kuri. Its excellent flesh is suitable for cooking and also for making compote. A popular red type of Hokkaido is also pumpkin Potimarron, which is considerably bigger than Uchiko Kuri and its shape is more like a pear. It also has a large range of uses in the kitchen. Both types of these pumpkins have same growing season, which is proximately up to ninety five days. Very similar taste as a red Hokkaido also has green Hokkaido, for example Hokkori, or the Chestnut pumpkin whichflesh is excellent, as well as Buttercup Bonbon with is a little denser flesh.

German Gelber Zentner pumpkin

Very suitable for bottling is the German Gelber Zentner pumpkin that was bred in Europe. It growths very easily in our temperate climate and its cultivation is not complicated or difficult at all.

Hull-less pumpkin

Hull-less pumpkin is known for their excellent seeds in woody husk. Its seed must be dried properly. These seeds contain whole the range of vitamins and minerals. Seeds of this pumpkin help reduce cholesterol in the blood, lower the blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. These seeds also help to fight against prostate problems. They also hold back the headache and joint pain.

Valenciano Lumina

It is mostly used during the American feast of Halloween as the carved decoration. In addition, it is also suitable for making compotes or jams and desserts.

Muscat pumpkin

Although on the surface it is ribbed and green, inside is this pumpkin brightly orange. It has rather dense flesh. This kind of pumpkin is also excellent raw.

Iron Cup

Pumpkin called Iron Cup is on the surface green and light orange in the middle. It is suitable for any kitchen preparation, especially for the soups. Thanks to its consistency, it can be stored for a remarkably long time, up to about one year.

Crown prince

Pumpkin called crown prince is also suitable for longer storage. It got its name because of its crown, which grows on its fruit. This kind of pumpkins is lightly blue or white on the surface, but the flesh is richly orange.

Hungarian blue pumpkin

The Hungarian blue pumpkin is meant for longer storage. It has ash-gray surface and dense flesh.

Peruvian pumpkin

Peruvian pumpkin has on the surface green colour and its shape resembles an acorn. Flesh is deeply yellow and it is very good for cooking.

Turkish turbans

Pumpkins, which are due to its look dubbed Turkish turban have different colours. It is mostly orange and green. It weights up to four kilograms and it is perfect pumpkin for cooking and its outstanding stuffed and baked.

Sweet Potatoes

Well-known and popular type of pumpkin is Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are growing for at least ninety days and young fruits can be harvested in August. It is ideal for cooking, but it is also very good raw.

Chameleon (acorn)

Chameleon is pumpkin shaped like an acorn. It has beautiful colours so it can be also used as decoration. However, it is also suitable for cooking. It has delicate nutty flavour and it can be stored longer. Because it grows in bushes its cultivation is not demanding a lot of space. The vegetation period is one hundred days.


Among acorn squashes also belongs Festival. It is very suitable as a decoration due to its shape and yellow-white-green discoloration on the surface, but it is also possible to use it in the kitchen. It is very delicious raw. The growing season is eighty-five days.

Baby Boo

Beautiful white colour has pumpkin named Baby Boo. This fluted pumpkin is very suitable for cooking, but it is also very good raw. The vegetation period is eighty-five days.

Kamo Kamo

This pumpkin has very sweet taste and that’s why it is very good for preparation of sweet dips. It has orange-green ribbed surface thus can be used as a subtle decoration.

Sweet Dumplings

The sweet taste also has pumpkin Sweet Dumplings, which is ribbed and gray-green. It has excellent flesh which tastes like the classic chestnuts. The growing season is one hundred days.

Marina di Chioggia

Very tasty flesh has pumpkin named Marina di Chioggia, which has dark or gray-green colour. It is excellent roasted or stewed in its own skin. Vegetation period reaches 120-130 days.

Decorative pumpkins

Among the purely decorative pumpkins belongs Croockneck. This beautiful orange scabby pumpkin earned its name because its shape which resembles a bird with a bent neck. Very decorative are pumpkins called Flat Striped, which has dark green surface with white stripes. Another decorative pumpkin is a green pumpkin Lagenaria Cobra and gray Autumn Wings (Gray wings).